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Thankyou for taking the time in visiting my site. I'm happy to discuss any specific requirements and would be delighted if you got in touch.


I'm a North East of England artist. My history is computer Graphics visualisation with over 20 years of experience growing up with a developing industry. I had grown tired and uninspired as my role was leading to less creative work and more managerial duties. This spurred me to start painting which is something I had always craved to do but with young children and work commitments never had the time.

In October 2018 I was given an opportunity to leave this industry and grabbed it with open arms. I love working in oil and I try to capture the world around me. From the inspirational coastline of the North East to the Lake District, and beyond, I want to share my work and views with you all and hope you enjoy them as much as I love painting them! I have grown over time as an artist and looking at more expressionistic styles which allow viewers to interpret my scenes for themselves. This has led to my City paintings and specifically my paintings of Newcastle which provided me with so much joy and inspiration.