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Urban Scenes

I took a walk around the city late last year and I ended up in an area where people rarely visit but know its there. From this simple walk I began Exploring the Decay of Post-Modern Architecture in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the influence of graffiti in this environment.

Step into a world where the remnants of post-modern architecture in Newcastle Upon Tyne serve as both canvas and subject in an urban art gallery that tells a story of decay, resilience, and the vibrant spirit of urban life. In this unique fusion of architectural remnants and graffiti artistry, I wanted to delve into the heart of a cityscape where the visions of the past intersect with the creativity of the present.

The Post-Modern Relics:

Once symbols of progress and innovation, these buildings now bear the marks of decay, their weathered facades a testament to the inevitable march of time.

Enhanced by Graffiti:

But amidst the decay, a new form of artistry emerges. Graffiti adorns the walls of these aging structures, injecting new life into their weathered surfaces. Vibrant splashes of colour, intricate designs, and thought-provoking messages intertwine with the architectural remnants, creating a visual tapestry that speaks to the resilience of urban life.

T Dan Smith's Vision:

Central to this exploration is T Dan Smith's visionary concept of the "walkway in the sky." Conceived in the mid-20th century, this ambitious project sought to connect the city's disparate neighbourhoods with a network of elevated walkways, fostering community and accessibility. While the walkway in the sky remains unrealized, its echoes linger in the urban landscape, serving as a reminder of the power of visionary thinking.

An Urban Art Gallery:

Together, these elements coalesce to form an urban art gallery unlike any other. Here, the decay of post-modern architecture intertwines with the vibrancy of graffiti art, creating a visual dialogue that speaks to the complexities of urban life. Each painting in this collection offers a glimpse into a world where the past and present converge, where decay gives rise to beauty, and where the spirit of a city thrives amidst the ruins.

Step into this captivating world where the streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne serve as a canvas, and let yourself be transported by the beauty of decay and the resilience of urban artistry. Welcome to my view of the urban art gallery of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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